Dr. Paula Ross became interested in medicine while she was a medical sales representative selling orthopedic implants to internationally reknowned orthopedic surgeons in New York City.

She then came to California and graduated Los Angeles Chiropractic College in Whittier in 1990. A post graduate degree was also obtained as a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician. She also is a Qualified Medical Examiner for the state of California.

Dr. Ross has acquired years of experience designing exercise rehabilitative programs in gyms located in Los Angeles. She also participated as a sports physician for the NATIONAL AEROBIC CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM when they came to Los Angeles.

In 1999, Dr. Ross became a co-owner of Bodies in Balance in Studio City. This clinic was designed to present a team approach towards healing by combining chiropractic with pilates, gyrotonic, acupuncture, massage and nutrition.

In 2011, Dr. Ross has relocated to Montecito. Her practice goals have been modified to largely include nutrional therapy. Through years of experience, Dr. Ross's philosophy of patient care has become multi-dimensional. The main goal is to "Aquire Health through Balance".