What is NRT?

5 years ago, I became enchanted with a nutritional technique called NRT (nutritional response technique). This is a non invasive energetic technique that analyzes the body to determine underlying causes of bodily dysfunction. Muscle testing is the medium to determine the underlying problem.

How Does NRT Work?

I will be looking for an "active" or "weak" reflex to tell me where your stress is occurring. When the energy of a stressed organ is blocked, our nervous system automatically responds by bringing additional blood flow to that area. This response will weaken the muscle that is being tested.

Next, homeopathic vials are used to determine if the stress is food, metals, immunological or toxins. Then a regimen is customized in the form of diet modification and and/or whole food supplements to help support the physiological changes needed for optimum health.

What is the History of NRT?

Dr. Freddie Ulan, D.C., N.D., C.C.N. and Lester Bryman, D.C. developed this technique. Dr. Ulan 's health crisis left him desperate for a cure. Only when he started to improve his diet, did his health improve. This lead him to research into nutritional deficiencies and how they can affect overall health.

What Supplements Are Used?

The majority of the supplements that I use are "Standard Process", a manufacturer of whole food supplements since 1929. Their manufacturing process starts with a high quality real food that undergoes a minimal amount of processing. Low heat is used that maintains the essential nature of the food components rather than high heat and processing that denatures (changes the structure or essence) of the original food. Real food supplements will not produce an immediate response. They do not behave as drugs. Rather, they feed your cells so that your body can gradually repair, detoxify, balance and heal itself. You will notice improvements by degrees. Your will sense that you are becoming truly well.

Remember, it took you a long time to become sick. It will also take some time to fully recover. However, it is very common to immediately experience some benefit from your nutritional program.

How Can I Get Started?

Just call me at 805-969-0022. An appointment will be set up that takes about 1 hour. A history will need to be done and then a body scan. Remember, this technique is totally customized for YOU!